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Phase 1.1


Phase I – The Reformation, aims to restore The Ville to its position of majestic grandeur and grace held in the early 1900s. This phase will renovate twenty existing distressed properties in sets of four – quads.  The first quad, Maffitt Matters is located in the 4200 block of Maffitt Avenue. The remaining quads are Maffitt Matters II, Labadie Matters, Saint Louis Matters, and Whittier Matters.

Phase 1.2


The Reformation properties are located in The Ville Local Historic District.  A section of The Ville received historic designation in 1987 and the area was expanded in 2006 under THE VILLE HISTORIC DISTRICT ORDINANCE 60236 (as Amended, Board Bill Number 444) and THE VILLE LOCAL HISTORIC DISTRICT – REVISED Ordinance 67174 (Board Bill # [06] 48).